Each year, the PTA runs a Teacher Mini-Grant program. The program is designed to fund enriching, educational experiences for students, for which other funding is not available. Grants are awarded by a majority decision of the PTA Board of Directors based on available funds.

If you'd like to submit a grant request, click here for an application. Please complete the application, have it signed by the Principal, and place it in the PTA mail slot in the workroom.

If you have any questions, please email wesptapresident@gmail.com.

The following grants have been awarded so far this year.

Grant: Scholastic News magazine subscription for all 4th Grade students

Purpose: Scholastic News is a weekly classroom news magazine designed for students to keep them abreast of current events in their nation and around the world. A large focus of 4th grade curriculum is non-fiction text features and research. In the past, we have found that SN is the most effective and beneficial resource to engage and motivate students to enrich their nonfiction reading skills.

Grant: Scholastic Patrol Vests

Purpose: Purchase additional Safety Patrol vests so more students can participate in the program. There are about 40 students currently on Safety Patrol, but there are only 15 vests that can be used in either AM or PM dity. This limits the number of students who can serve at one time. Safety Patrol provides the opportunity to learn leadership skills as well as to promote a safe school environment as students encourage the "Wakefield Way!"