Make A Difference - Volunteer!

You can help the PTA and the school by volunteering your time on any number of committees or events. To help out, simply complete the Volunteer Signup form and return it to the school or e-mail to the VP - Volunteers.


Current Volunteer Openings

Spring Fling: Bake Sale Items

Spring Fling: Ticket Collector

Scholastic BOGO Bookfair


School Store

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Find a Home for your "extras"

Of course, there are other ways of helping the school too. Maybe you are someone who knits and have leftover wool or you have wood taking up space in your garage. If you have items that you would be happy to donate, then contact the PTA and we would be happy to see if they could be of use to the school.

Here's a list of things we would love to have! If you would like a printable list, click here.

6x6 Cloth bags from dollar store
A WES display stand to take pictures in front of
Acrylic paint
Bags of balloons
Baking Soda
Bird Seed
Cardboard egg carton
Chenille stems
Clean laundry baskets
Construction paper
Cookie cutters
Corn hole board
Craft glue
Cupcake liners
Dawn Dish detergent
Dixie cups
Elmer’s glue
Empty 2 liter soda bottles
Fabric trim
Glass votives
Glue sticks
Metal milk jug
Metal washers
New condition “old tires”
Paper plates
Paper towel tubes
Peanut Butter
Pool Noodles
Popsicle Sticks
Rope for tug of war
Spray paint
Squeeze bottles from the dollar store (like you would put ketchup in)
Tennis balls
Terry cloth squares
Tissue paper
Toilet paper rolls
Tulle in different colors. 1 yard segments
White Vinegar
Wiggle eyes
Wooden clothespins
Wrappers from stick shaped bubble gum

How Much Time Does Volunteering Involve?

As much time as you want to give! There are many great opportunities to volunteer. As little as a single morning or an hour a week. Time involved is variable and dependent on how you are interested in hellping out.

Volunteer Signup Form

- English form
- Spanish form

Questions? Contact Ashley Laurel, VP - Membership & Volunteers at wesptavolunteers@gmail.com.